Baby Brenner

The early days of bringing baby home are some of the hardest, most beautiful, most exhausting, most wonderful days. The utter exhaustion, the delight, the mess, the wondering which way is up and where did I leave my coffee cup, and when did I shower last, and did I eat today and what did we get ourselves into questions that relay with I didn’t know this kind of love existed exclamations. It is a sacred time that is filled with messes and love and meltdowns (for mom and dad and baby) and tears of overwhelming, tender love. The vulnerability it takes to invite a person into this wonderfully chaotic time is never lost on me.

Brenner and Anna welcomed their sweet baby boy into the world just under a year after they promised their lives to each other with an “I will” in front of their family and friends. Their story unfolded and shaped in a way I’m sure they couldn’t have anticipated on that day, but I’m certain they wouldn’t change now. In the days after their sweet baby boys birth, this couple experienced a job change, sold a home, bought a home, moved from one community into another all while adjusting to life as a family of three. In my book, they have superhero status.

Baby Brenner has already enriched the lives of two people who have so much. Standing back and watching them handle their sweet boy, calm his cries, fight his wailing arms to change his clothes, hold him close. and laugh in the middle of the absurdity of it all, I couldn’t help but think, what a blessed boy this is. Anna and Brenner, your story keeps getting better. Baby Brenner is so lucky to have the two of you to guide him through life, to laugh with, and to experience your love. What was already so great has only gotten better. I could not be more happy for all three of you!

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