Xavier & Joellen Are Engaged

I’ve been told, as most of us have, you shouldn’t just a book by it’s cover. I wonder, however, if the same is true advice could be said of an email? 

My first introduction to Joellen was through an email. And, as strange as it sounds, I knew immediately that I would love her. Her initial email exuded kindness, joy, openness, and of course, incredible excitement about her engagement, marriage, and especially her love for Xavier. After we exchanged several emails, I could not wait to meet Joellen and Xavier in person.

Xavier and Joellen were everything I thought they would be. . . and more. Open, honest, hilarious, authentic, joyful, focused, and so, so kind. We heard their stories, we laughed a lot, and we left thinking–the world is better because these two are together.

Joellen and Xavier, it was an incredible pleasure to meet you both. It is an incredible joy to know you. To see your love and to hear your stories was a gift in and of itself. To be able to capture that love? Well, that was a bonus.

Congratulations on your engagement! 


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