Why I Return to the 365 Project Year After Year. . .

It starts new each year–a story waiting to be told.
I ask their permission first.  Is it okay if I document another year?
I wait, hopeful, for their answer.  I hope for a ‘yes’, but will understand when it becomes ‘no’.
Each year we begin with blank pages, stories waiting to be told.
 And at the end of the year it ends with this . .

A book of our stories.  Our simple life, documented.

Today, it might not be their favorite Christmas present, but I believe, someday it will.
Years from now I trust they will open it and relive our stories.  They will leaf through it’s pages and see who they were and how they were.

They will share their stories with spouses and their friends.  They will share their stories with their children.  They will carry their stories with them–memories etched on their hearts.

They will pour through the pages of 2015 and they will find silly moments. . .

They will see quiet moments. . .

They will see a few remarkable moments. . .

And a whole lot of mundane. . .

And so I come back to the 365 Project again and again, because I believe, in the end, the return on my investment, will far outlive me.

Meadow wants to be “human” when she grows up.

And I’m certain that’s the greatest gift I can give them.

Bring on 2016.