Tony & Dustie Are Getting Married

Against the backdrop of a vibrant orange sky I met Tony and Dustie who will soon say “I do”.




Counting the days until two lives join into one.

Engagement is the very beginning–a pause between what used to be and what will be.

What will be, I’m certain, is a fun and beautiful life shared between these two special people.

Tony and Dusite, thank you for allowing me to witness the pure love you share. _E4A8672_E4A8674collage_E4A8792bw_E4A8710_E4A8815_E4A8836bw_E4A8855_E4A8858_E4A8873_E4A8881_E4A8889bw_E4A8935_E4A8943_E4A8955_E4A8971_E4A9027_E4A9012bw_E4A9046_E4A9041_E4A9045bw_E4A9109bw_E4A9115bw_E4A9155_E4A9172bw_E4A9183_E4A9191_E4A9196_E4A9197_E4A9202_E4A9210_E4A9246_E4A9250bw

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