Thirty Minutes in the Life {March 2014}

It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow,  I mentioned to my husband on Thursday evening. I really want to get something for my 30-Minutes in the Life Project. 
He responded in his usual kind and appeasing way, Okay, maybe we can go find somewhere nice to do something.
I answered.

(Yes, it’s usually this easy.)

Friday came and I was excited as the temperatures rose to nearly 50 degrees in the afternoon.  I was excited to be kissing school good-bye for an entire week as we entered into Spring Break.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and I was prepared to capture an epic series of photos for this months project.  In my minds eye I saw a family walk, simple adventures, and smiling and excited kids as we entered into this week long hiatus from schedules.

You know what they say though. . . best laid plans. . .

We had a “tiny” problem develop in our backyard. 

I stood back and watched as Chad drove equipment into our backyard and shovels were pushed into the ground.  I watched as little ones were spattered with mud from head to toe and frustrations grew as my epic “shoot” was traded for an epic “problem” in our backyard. 

I quietly abandoned my plans for capturing my 30-Minutes and just hung out with my family like I normally do. 

Capturing our everyday life has been a part of how I function for several years now.  It comes as naturally as brushing my teeth or flossing.  (Did you know it takes 14 days to develop a habit?)  Anyway, there was nothing overly spectacular about our evening–it was just like any other.  The girls and I did our thing while Chad and my FIL tried to solve our rather “epic” backyard issues.  (Charlie was not feeling well and was passed out on the couch inside.) I resigned to get my 30-Minutes on Saturday.

Once again, best laid plans. . . Charlie woke up with a fever and a visit to the doctor indicated strep.  There would be no beautiful images captured for my project. 

I was a bit bummed as I headed to the computer to figure out what I would use for this months post.  The first images I came to were those from the previous evening.  As I sorted through the images I found myself smiling, and even laughing, at the moments I captured the previous evening. 

That’s when it hit me. . . the way way my thinking had, unconsciously,  shifted.  In fact, my thinking shifted in a way I didn’t like very much.

Somewhere along the way, I decided that it was important that the images I capture be spectacular, incredible, amazing, and, to overuse the word in one post. . . “epic”.  However, “epic” images are not what made me fall in love with photography.  Epic images are nice, but they aren’t necessarily real life.

I fell in love with capturing our every day moments because I believed that our life–in all the monotony and everyday-ness of it–is important.  I want to remember it, and I want them to remember it, too.

And really?  It’s as simple as that.  I love our everyday moments. . .

And when an epic one happens to occur. . .

Well, that’s just icing on the cake. 

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  • Allison - Love it!! Your images are always great!March 24, 2014 – 5:09 pmReplyCancel

  • Stacey - Oh My Goodness! These images are simply beautiful. I LOVE the silhouettes. And your words certainly ring true to me….my love of photography grew when I started capturing those everyday moments…not the ones where we're all dressed up and posed nicely. Beautiful images.March 24, 2014 – 5:12 pmReplyCancel

  • Colleen Putman - Your girls are so lucky to grow up on such beautiful land 🙂 I think your photos are totally epic!March 24, 2014 – 5:33 pmReplyCancel

  • Sally Sosler - I really needed to read this!! Thank you, as always, for the reminder in images and words. xoMarch 24, 2014 – 6:46 pmReplyCancel

  • Sharleen - You are way to hard on yourself. This images are stunning. I love them all but I especially love the third photo down – that is just cool. I love the silhouettes and I love the last two photo's. Keep to those every day captures, I wish I had done that with my kids growing up.March 24, 2014 – 11:57 pmReplyCancel

  • Cindy Cavanagh - Summer, you just made me cry again. Seriously, I love your work. I love your everyday moments, and you always get those epic images. You are a true artist. Thank you for sharing these words.March 25, 2014 – 1:49 amReplyCancel

  • Juli Isola - I'm with Cindy…tearing up over here! So beautiful. Even the mud had charm. So happy to know you Summer. You always inspire me!March 25, 2014 – 3:36 amReplyCancel

  • Karen Hunt Photography - Summer, I so love your art. The style of your photography and the stories that go with each photo. You are so inspiring. I love all the images so much, but those sunsets are amazing.March 25, 2014 – 1:14 pmReplyCancel

  • Kristi Burton - Beautiful Summer! I love how you find the photo miracles in the mundane. xoMarch 28, 2014 – 3:59 pmReplyCancel

  • Mame Voelker - Summer I am always so thankful for your writing along with your photos. I absolutely needed to read this today. I so love the image of "C" with that lovely look on her face and mud filling up the rest of the frame. These are just wonderful and you definitely did get some "epic" in there.April 2, 2014 – 6:53 pmReplyCancel