Thirty Minutes in the Life {June 2014}

It is amazing how refreshing 30-minutes can be.  Thirty minutes of refreshment.  Thirty minutes of intention.  Thirty minutes to claim as ‘ours’. 

For some it’s a nap.
For others it’s silence.
For some it’s a sit-com. 
For others it’s ice cream.  (Or maybe that’s just me?)

For us?  It’s out there.  It’s nature.

It had been a really long week.  Chad’s work days stretched later than normal and when he wasn’t working, baseball took us away.  Earlier in the week the kids and I had attempted to venture into new territory–territory filled with rugged terrain, hills and valleys, and green plants of the variety I could not accurately identify.

(I’m nearly 36 years old and I still can’t pick out Poison Ivy in a line-up.)

After four days of can we go back there tonight?’s we finally made it happen.  Chad rolled in after his 14 hour work day and issued his, let’s go. 

The enthusiasm was undeniable for such a simple evening–of walking through a enchanted forest.

Thirty minutes was all it was.  We navigated the terrain while Chad pointed out the evil Ivy. 

Up and down we went, digging, exploring, discovering, and enjoying the simple gifts that nature so graciously offers.

And we quickly find that the gifts were worth waiting for.  The crazy week melted away and was replaced with that special gift nature so selflessly hands me. . .
. . . perspective.

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