Thirty Minutes in the Life, August 2013

Welcome to month two of the series, “Thirty Minutes in the Life”.  I hope you enjoy a tiny glimpse into our (somewhat strange) life.  When you are done here, I invite you to visit my friend, Allison Wheeler, Oklahoma Lifestyle Photographer and check out 30-minutes in her life.


I make no excuses.

Being married to me?  It’s not easy.

I’m emotional.
Overly sensitive.
Quick to cry.

(I could go on.)

Did I mention Idealistic? 

What I mean by this is I come up with these ideas that sound so dreamy and beautiful and memory making and say things like, I just know it will be perfect.  And then I drag others along with me. 

Like how on the very first day of vacation I came up with this great
idea to wake the kids up early and drive to the lake so we could watch
the sun rise. 

In my minds eye it’s so very perfect. . .

drive toward the lake with three happy kids in the backseat.  It’s
quiet because it’s 5 a.m. and the kids just stare out the window while
soft music pushes through the car speakers.  We stop at a quaint donut
shop to grab breakfast before pulling up to our destination where we lay
a blanket on the damp sand. We sit in the darkness and we wait.  It’s
still silent, because the kids are groggy, but soon the pink and the
orange break through  the darkness and the ohhs and ahhs begin as three
little ones experience the glorious miracle of the sun rising over the

In my minds eye, it’s perfection.

my mind’s eye needs glasses.  You see, Chad gets up at 4:30 a.m. to go
to work.  I’m sure that he would have preferred to sleep past 5 a.m. on
his first day of vacation.  Instead he helped to load three kids into
the backseat of the car and listened to the very loud chatter which
included three thousand questions, two hundred suggestions, and 23
squabbles during the 15 minute drive to the lake. 

But we made it.

Doesn’t he look thrilled?   (He’s such a trooper.)

Did I mention that it was about 50 degrees?  In August. 

It was cold. 
(I forgot to pack jackets.)
It’s August.  Who needs jackets?

Charlie’s teeth chattered.
Meadow clung to Chad.
Chanelle remained silent.

They chowed down donuts quickly. 

Shivering continued.  Complaints were issued. 

My idealistic dream began to die. . .

Until. . .

The sky did it’s thing. . . 
Suddenly, what I’d hoped for happened.  Awe and wonder took over.  They
saw what I wanted them to see.  Slayed by the beauty, captivated by the
scene, the chatter silenced. . .
They watched. . .

They saw. . .
They experienced. . .

And when the sun finally showed herself in all her glory. . .

We had a consensus. . .

. . . it was worth it.


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