The Yates Family

This family.

You know when friends are like family? Like the lines blur and you can’t really remember if we are friends are if we are family. Or maybe, it’s even more special because we choose these people. Those ‘friends-that-are-like-family people’. They are family we choose.

Lisa and I have done life together for many years now. A friendship that bloomed seemingly the instant we met. (Sixteenish, years ago now?) Her youngest two children and my oldest two children were born within days and weeks of each other. When Chad and I found out we were having a third, I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to make it through pregnancy without Lisa traveling the road with me.

(She did travel the road with me–she just wasn’t pregnant.)

Anyway, we have shared stories and tears and laughter. We’ve shared meals and a whole lot of coffee and our fair share of life frustrations and joys. Our husbands know–we are better with each other.

It is a gift to know this family. It is a joy to do life with them. And since it was time for their oldest to spread her wings (here)and depart for college–why not capture a few family photos?

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