The “Y” Family

I get nervous before every session I shoot.  It doesn’t matter who my subject is, I’m always nervous.  Family, senior, wedding, couple–it just doesn’t matter. My heart rate always increases and I can hear the shakiness in my voice as soon as I greet the clients of the day.  (Perhaps I shouldn’t admit such things here, but hey, I’m just keeping it real. )  There are always so many unknowns when I meet clients for the first time–will we connect? Will they be excited about pictures? Are they having a good day?  Can they hear the shakiness in my voice? Do they hate getting their pictures taken? Will they like me? Do they like each other?!  Are they ax murderers? (I watch too much Dateline. . . obviously.)

Anyway, my nervousness typically subsides throughout a session and I remind myself that getting nervous is really quite unproductive.  What does any of this have to do with the “Y” Family? Well, this family was filled with such sweet, kind, and authentic people, that my nervousness subsided with record speed.  Mom, Dad, and their lovely kids walked with me through the streets of a small town and connected with each other with such genuineness and ease, I couldn’t help but relax.

“Y” Family, thank you for the pleasure of meeting you.  Thank you for the joy it was to simply stand back and watch each of you be you.  Thank you for the honor of having you in front of my lens.