The “T” Family

“There is just something about that family.” (Words I’ve said on more than one occasion about this wonderful family.)

I wish I could find the perfect words to describe the “T” Family. The way I have felt in the few moments I’ve spent with them over the last few years. The way their infectious joy leaves a smile on my face long after I’ve left their presence.

As much as I love words, they fail me now.

What is it that makes them so special? Certainly there are many reasons and those who know them well, I have no doubt, could pinpoint it perfectly. For me, though, my time with the “T” Family has been so brief. Ever so fleeting. So when I think about them, only one word comes to mind.


It is their connection that draws me in. The way they so obviously love each other. They way they embrace the beautiful chaos of this life season. They are raw and imperfect–each member of their family unique in their own way. And still, their connection with one another is unmistakeable.

What I lack in words, I hope you see in images.

Ruth and Conrad, thank you for inviting me to spend a few moments with your beautiful family again. What a pleasure it was. . .

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