The “S” Family

I “met” Kate over a year ago, I believe.  It may have been longer or shorter. . . I’m not sure.  She was a reader of my (other) blog, Running Chatter.  You know how social media works–after “meeting” in the blogosphere we became Facebook friends and then Instagram friends and basically that’s like family, right? 

It was last fall when we first began planning this shoot.  Life happens, cold weather happens, rain happens and so goes life.  I was so excited to finally meet this lovely lady along with her husband and two adorable girls this past weekend.  Prior to the shoot Kate and I exchanged a few emails and I asked her what she envisioned for this shoot.  Her response was music to my ears. . . “I just want you to do what you do, Summer.”  Alright, then.

What a gift it was to spend time with this lovely family.  What you see in these pictures is exactly how they were in person.  Joyful, spirited, loving, kind and full of heart.  They smile with their eyes–all of them. 

S Family, it was such a pleasure to meet each one of you (and ‘Uncle’ Colby, too.).  Thank you for letting me ‘do what I do’ and for making the shoot so much fun.  Kate, thank you for your encouraging words–I won’t forget them.  Ever.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them.