The “S” Family

I met Morgan in what feels like another lifetime. It was a different time and we were both in different places. Today, our lives look incredibly different than in the days we first met. It was an unlikely friendship, most would say. Some friendships were meant to be, though.

I’m grateful this friendship was meant to be.

Truth be told, it’s impossible not to love Morgan. In a way, she’s become another sister to me. One of the strongest people I’ve ever known. One of the best people, I’m proud to know.

Over the years, I’ve watch my friend find love. Grow her family. And in growing her family, I’ve grown to love that family. A special group of people–every single one of them. They do family so, so well. 

“S” Family, I am so glad I know you. I am so glad to witness the love, support, and care you have for one another. If the world were full of “S” families–what a wonderful world it would be.

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