The “S” Family

One final session of 2017.  A family who I love dearly. A family I hold close to my heart. A family who I am so privileged to have had to opportunity to watch grow, change, add, and become through the years.

I met Morgan years ago in the most unlikely of circumstances. It took about a heartbeat for a friendship to form and now I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know her. I have memories of Morgan scattering soap on her kitchen table, while our kids blew bubbles with straws. Charlie still insists that he “passed out” though I know it never happened. Back when when she was carrying sweet Hallee and I was carrying Meadow, I would visit her in the morning and end up staying far passed any appropriate friend visit schedule–because, with Morgan, time slipped away so easily. We have pictures of our babies together and I remember when I was first getting my feet wet in photography, she let me take really bad pictures of her sweet baby girl. (Sorry about that, Morgan.)Through the years I have watched her endure hard times, grow through them, and come out on the other side stronger, better, and with a life perspective that keeps first things first. Morgan has within her a light and a spirit of joy that draws others to her. To be in her presence is to love her and so it was no surprise when she and Adam joined their lives together–he carries that same light and joy. What was already so good, only gets better with time. Two people that have a lot to give and certainly give of themselves fully. They are fun, kind, and it is a privilege to call this family our Friends.

Adam and Morgan, thank you for stepping into the frame once again. I am so thankful for you. . .

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