The “S” Family

I think all parents have dreams for their kids. Dreams that they will grow, find a loving partner who supports and loves them. Dreams that the sibling squabbles will grow into deep adult friendships. Dreams that though the years change a family unit–a closeness will remain. That while the memories of childhood have passed, that new memories will continue to be made as a family grows and grows and grows.

At least–those are some of the dreams that I have for my own family unit.

Shooting larger extended families are something I rarely do. However, I felt a desire to photograph this family–and in the end, I’m so glad I did. It was a cold, cold afternoon. Little humans (and let’s face it–big ones, too) don’t like the cold. Still, this family was so full of joy, happiness, and the perfect amount of crazy to make our short time together memorable. In this crew, I saw the closeness I hope for my own kids when they grow. I saw deep bonds and an incredible joy in simply being together. In this family, I saw beauty and life and love and I left them feeling better than when I arrived.

“S” Family, thank you for the opportunity to capture your joy.

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