The “S” Family

I was contacted about this shoot over a year ago. In truth, I was a bit hesitant to take on this job as I like to keep groups smaller, allowing me to better connect with the people in front of the camera. But I was moved (as I often am) by the story behind this shoot. The daughter of the matriarch and patriarch of this family told me that her parents would soon be moving from the home that had been “home” for so long and they wanted to capture some moments before they embarked on the new journey before them.

How could I refuse?

So the family gathered. Mom, dad, son, daughter and families. Together they gathered and I stood back and watched the connection. The interaction. The natural love that this family shares. I was struck in a profound way as I considered how this large family began with two. Because two people joined together and decided that life would be better together than it could ever be apart. That love was worth fighting for. That the commitment mattered. I stood back and watched this lovely group of people and I was struck with the reward that comes when you get to see your children become parents. When you see, with your very eyes, the fruits of your labor. The late night feedings with babies to the late-night worries with teens–it struck me that I was seeing the reward of all those hard fought years.

I saw it in laughter.
In hands intertwined.
In arms wrapped around shoulders in love.
In eyes meeting in connection.
In baseballs being thrown and little girls directing “posing”.
And again. . . the beautiful laughter. . .

“S” Family, thank you for the opportunity to take in these moments. For the opportunity to witness the love your special family shares. I wish you all the happiness in the world as you ALL embark on this upcoming transition and the unfolding journey before you.