The “S” Family

This session was first scheduled at the beginning of December.

Then it was scheduled at the end of December.

Both were canceled.  Ohio’s winter was anything but ideal for a downtown photo shoot.

And then Spring happened.  And life.  And this family?  Well, let’s just say with three active kids, a dull moment never happens.

I was so happy when we finally found a date that worked.

Just about one hour before we were supposed to shoot, thick, dark clouds covered the sky and the sound of thunder echoed through the air.  Quickly, a heavy downpour of rain was released and I began to think that this meeting was just not meant to be.

Just in time, though, the clouds parted and the Heaven’s opened shining down the most beautiful light. 

It was such a pleasure to meet this family.  I’m sure anyone who knows them would agree–they are a joy to be around.  When I asked them what word they would use to describe their family, they didn’t hesitate to answer–FUN.  I concur. The “S” Family is fun.

We enjoyed a walk downtown and I enjoyed meeting each unique member who makes up this very special family.  Laid back, kind, caring, connected, and most definitely, FUN.

“S” Family, thank you for the opportunity to spend this time with you and to capture these moments.  It was a pleasure to photograph you and even more, a pleasure to meet you.