The “O” Family

She told me beforehand, “life is always a bit crazy around here”. 

She wasn’t lying.  But the way I see things?

Crazy. is. beautiful.

I met Joni in grad school.  (That seems like a lifetime ago.)  I had a swollen belly with our first baby, and Joni’s littlest grandbaby was, well, a baby.  That baby is no longer a baby and the love in Joni’s family has multiplied tenfold.  I was excited and honored when Joni asked me if I would visit her family as they celebrated an early Thanksgiving meal. 

The room was filled from wall to wall with family and friends.  The scent of delicious food filled the air.  Laughter reverberated from every corner.  And love?  Well, that went without saying.  It was everywhere.

It was such a joy to stand back and watch.  To take in the scene and watch the many different people and personalities that make up this family, and all families, really.   Similar and different in so many way.  I noticed quiet people and outgoing people.  Some stood center stage, while others sat quietly in the corner.  I saw worker bees and some that just chilled out.  But in the end?  Their roots were the same. 

Such is the beauty of family.

Yes, crazy is beautiful.

Thank you Joni, and the “O” family for allowing me into your precious space for this little moment in time.