The “M” Girls

Have you ever met someone, and, as soon as you met them, you were certain that you had known them your entire life?  Like, within a moment of meeting that person you felt as though you have years of history behind you–even if you know there is no history at all?  Have you ever searched your brain to figure out where your paths crossed, only to find they had never crossed before? 

That’s how I felt when I first met Morgan.  An instant connection that I couldn’t explain, but most certainly felt. 

Morgan is a strong woman who has a heart that is so full of love, grace, and compassion, that I’m surprised it hasn’t burst.  She is a Mama of all Mama’s who loves deeply and gives of herself, endlessly.  Her kindness radiates with every word and her gentleness is unsurpassed.  Her girls are blessed to have her.

And the world?  Well, the world is lucky to have two girls raised by this Mama.

Morgan,  it was such a pleasure to have you and your lovelies in front of my camera.  Thank you, to all three of you, for braving this cold afternoon. (Though it was a “warm” 30 degree).  I appreciate you.  I am proud of you.  And I am so grateful that our paths finally did cross.