The “M” Girls

I’ve sat for awhile trying to figure out how to begin this blog.  How in the world do I use a few words to introduce you to these beautiful souls?  A paragraph is not enough–in reality, I could write a book.

I met Morgan a few years ago and in an instant I felt I had known her for a lifetime.  She has this way about her–this way of lighting up a room and shining wherever she goes. She is the kind of person that makes you better simply by being in her presence.  She has a gift of making anyone who crosses her path feel like they are the most important person in the world. 

She is small but mighty.  Within her slight stature she carries a strength and courage that surpasses any super hero I’ve ever read about.  She loves her babies with the fierceness of a lion and cares for them with the gentleness of a lamb. And knowing that two little girls are being raised by a Mama like this?  Well, I’m reminded of all the good in the world.

Morgan, thank you again for the opportunity to spend this time with you and your lovely Ladies.  I am proud to know you and so thankful to call you Friend.