The “M” Family

Chad came with me to this shoot with the “M” Family. We arrived on a Saturday evening and the sun was shining bright and the temperature was perfect. It’s funny how things can change in a moment.

Moments after our arrival, thick clouds danced above us. Sounds of thunder filled the air and flashes of lightning sent us running back to our cars. It will pass quickly, I said confidently.

The minutes passed by. We waited, The “M” family in their car and us in ours. We waited and waited and waited and waited until there was only a sliver of light left.

The “M” kids were ever so patient for us to make the decision to meet again the next morning.

The next morning came and we gathered again at the same place. This time, the sun shining brightly–not a cloud in the sky. We walked, the “M” Family and Chad and I. We walked and talked and I took in the beauty of this family. The way they laughed together. The openness of their little humans who captured my heart with our first greeting. We listened to a snippet of their story, to the joy of their children, to the incredible wisdom packed inside the sweet and lively family.

When Chad and I returned to the car I was overwhelmed by the gift of this meeting. A lumped formed in my throat as I looked at Chad and said out loud what I had been feeling for the last two hours:

This camera is a tool. It allows me a door into the lives and stories of others. The pictures are fun, but hands down, the best part of my job is the people I get to meet.

“M” Family, thank you for a glimpse into the life of your beautiful family. I am better for it.

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