The “M” Family

Kind is an understatement. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to tell the story. Authentic touches it. Faithful gets us closer. Connected gives us a glimpse.

It’s difficult to describe this family. From the words I’ve written, you might think I’ve known them my whole life. Nope. I’ve known them for a very short time. And, in that time, I’ve only crossed paths with them a handful of times. It doesn’t matter, though. People this good, this kind, this welcoming, this loving–they leave an impact. I feel so blessed to know them and I’m certain all who know them feel the same.

Salt of the earth kind of people, they are. The “M” Family are salt of the earth people.

“M” Family, thank you for letting me pop in on that bitterly cold afternoon. What a pleasure it is to know you.

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