The “M” Family

More than five years ago Megan contacted me with an idea. In celebration of their five years of marriage, she wanted to surprise her husband with a reminder of their special day. Shortly before we were to shoot life happened –as it does so often–and the plans were put on hold.

Megan held her idea close and waited five years until the TEN year mark. Seriously, she’s the most patient person alive. Five years later, another sweet child was added and this incredible family has weathered more than their share of life’s ups and downs.

When I arrived, Megan was almost ready and her unassuming husband had strategically been sent to run an “errand”. He returned home to his lovely bride who reflected, with the sweetest words, the love, faith, and endurance this family has experienced.

It seemed fitting that a severe storm arrived in the middle of our time together, as this family knows how to weather storms. We adjusted, as this family does so well, and met up again on another day.

To know this family is to love them. To know their story is to be in awe of them. Megan and Michael, of all the stories, yours is one of the most beautiful I know.

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