The “M” Family

An interesting thing happens when one plus one equals three. Much like walking into a dark room and not knowing where to find the light switch, it is impossible to see what is ahead of you. The walk into parenthood can be scary and intimidating. No amount of reading, surfing, and asking for advice can prepare you for life with a baby. In reality, you can’t know until you know.

This sweet family welcomed their “three” into the world just over a year ago and have navigated their journey into parenthood beautifully. When I asked how adding sweet Leo to their lives has changed their lives, they answered immediately. . . “it’s fuller”. Yes, yes, yes.

Parenthood, for all of the sacrifices and exhaustion, life becomes infinitely fuller.

I met up with the “M” family at their home and strolled with them on their evening walk. I stood back and breathed in the sight of this sweet family. On the love that was so effortlessly showered on this sweet boy. I stood back and watched and thought to myself, THIS is what life is all about. 

This family knows that they are blessed to do life together and they celebrate it. This is, quite simply, life going exactly how it should.

Thank you Shelly, Brandon and Leo for allowing me a glimpse into your world. . .