The “M” Family

I first “met” Natalie on Instagram.  From afar, I could see her lovely family and her beautiful Mama’s heart. Through Instagram’s tiny square spaces I watched her belly grow the beautiful baby that just entered the world.  I finally met Natalie in person just last week and immediately fell in love with her wonderfully sweet crew.

The “M” Family invited me into their home to capture some moments with the newest member of their family.  At last, the gender balance was equalized when Baby Sophie entered the world.  To say that her family adores her is an understatement.  Baby Sophie is doted on, loved, and treasured by brothers, sister, and mom and dad, alike.  I loved spending an afternoon with this lovely crew who keeps a sense of humor about figuring our life with now, FOUR little ones. In short, they understand that this is their happily every after.

“M” Family, thank you for allowing me into your home and congratulations on the arrival of your newest sweet gift.

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