The “M” Family


The “M” Family. . . oh, how I love them.

The “M” Family was among one of the first families I ever had the opportunity to photograph.  During a time when I was simply dipping my toe into the shallow end of photography, this family allowed me to step into their lives and they, quite quickly, stepped into my heart.

The “M” Family, literally, had me at “hello”.  Welcoming, engaging, kind, and oh so open, it has been a joy to watch them grow through the years.  As you will surly see, this family laughs a lot and truly enjoys one another.  It is impossibly to be with them and not to feel a lightening in your heart.  Paul and Sarah and their crew are just the kind of people you want to be around.  The kind of people that breathe life into any situation in front of them.  They are the kind of people who I am lucky enough to call “friends”.

“M” Family, thank you for once again giving me the opportunity to capture your beautiful bond.