The “M” Family

It’s no secret.  I really love my job.  I mean, I really, really love my job.  I love that, for a moment in time, I get to step into another persons world.  I am allowed the opportunity to observe how people interact.  Right before my very eyes I watch little stories unfold.  Stories of love and togetherness.  Stories of laughter and fun.

The “M” family provided endless little stories.

I met up with this lovely family at their home early on a Monday morning.  The first thing I noticed was they way they loved each other.  Megan and Mike’s love for each other was undeniable and it spilled beautifully into their love for their sweet little ones.  It was easy to be in the presence of the “M” Family and I have no doubt that anyone who knows them would agree.  They were so welcoming and had such a gentle fun way about them. 

Mike and Megan, thank you for allowing me to step into your world and allowing me to capture your love for Eli, Madison, and Charlie the cat, too.