The “L” Family

Every family brings with them their own dynamic, their own relationships, their own story that they have been living for their entire lives. Often, I don’t know who I’m going to meet. The butterflies are always there. The questions, will they be outgoing? Laid back? Nervous? Shy? Will we connect? Every session I have I am forced to pack away the introvert in me and step out and into the lives of people like it’s something I do everyday. I am always a mix of nervousness and excitement to learn about new people.

When I met the “L” Family my nerves melted with the initial introduction. They were easy to be around. They connected easily. They talked easily. Interacted easily. They were, in a word, well, easy.

The “L” kids took me on a journey as we traipsed through leaves, climbed trees, ran from here to there and they even took a fair share of pictures of their own. No really, I needed a nap after this session. (Kidding. . . sort of.) This family reminded me much of my own. Full of life, full of love, and a healthy amount of sarcasm in Mom and Dad. (I dig that.)

Darryll and Rachel, it was a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful family. It was a JOY to spend a morning with you.

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