The “K” Family

Maybe you’ve heard it said–‘friends for a reason, friends for a season’. So many friendships come and go during different seasons of life. It isn’t good and it isn’t bad–it just is. Some friendships are meant for a time, other friendships, though? Other friendships are meant for a lifetime.

Katy and I have been friends for a long, long time. There were times when, I suspect, we shared a brain. (Though she obviously got the half that knew all the answers on tests.) In high school, Katy and I arrived to cross country or track practice wearing the same shirt on too many occasions. During those years, you would find us together more than you’d find us apart. As the years moved forward and our paths split in different directions, our friendship remained unaffected. Many friendships ebb and flow, but somehow, we have not experienced this. Katy and I know the gift we have in our lifelong friendship.

During those high school years, I never would have anticipated that Katy would marry the cross country runner from one of our rival schools. Looking back, though, it just makes sense.Two top runners marrying and now raising what will (likely) be three runners of their own. It’s a storybook tale, of sorts. (At least in a runner’s world.) What a gift this family is to me. I love them as I love my own. Katy and Andy, you and the boys are among my favorite people in the world. I’m glad to have known you–I’m glad to know you. . .

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