The “K” Family

Each family has a story of their very own. A story that may or may not have begun like many others, but with twists and turns that could never be duplicated by another. Like snowflakes, no two families are alike, each unique and beautiful in their own special way. More than anything, I love meeting families on their own turf. In their own space. Walking into their space, feels a bit like walking on sacred ground. Entering into their most treasured places, capturing treasured moments, well, I can’t imagine a more wonderful way to make a living.

I met Zach and Jen last year when they greeted me at their front door with their two kiddos (one each of the two and four legged variety) and I was so happy to return this year with the same greeting. The goal of my time with them is simply to capture them being them. Giving them an outside view of the way they spend their daily lives as a family. In the midst of the monotony and chaos of daily life, it’s easy to miss how absolutely incredible the daily life is. Chasing balls, blowing bubbles, playing LEGO’s–as a parent is often feels like drudgery. As I stood on the outside, though. As I stood back and watched this family do all the tiny things that every family does, these moments seemed as magical as a trip to Magic Kingdom. As profound as a bedside prayer. Daily life, diving in, doing it all together. . . this is the beauty of family life.

There is a connection among these family members that is undeniable. A connection that rests on the foundation of mutual love and profound respect. Zach and Jen are teammates in every sense of the word and their little ones (human and pup) are better for it. Zach and Jen, thank you for allowing me to witness your connection. Thank you for inviting me into your lives and allowing me to see you being you. I am so glad to know each one of you.