The “H” Family

Last week, after leaving a shoot, I said to Chad, I’m so grateful I changed careers because I’ve met so many wonderful people, whom otherwise, I’m sure I would have never met.

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, when all is said and done, the people are what I love most about this job. I love to have a small glimpse into the worlds of others. To hear a tiny snippet of their stories. To see interactions. To witness all the love and chaos, beauty and unpredictability, that comes with being human.

I have been looking forward to photographing this family for a year. We scheduled and rescheduled. Scheduled and rescheduled, again. And then, again. Weather and life, it seems, are as unpredictable as family. The wait was worth it, though, because we had a beautiful evening together.

This family is as raw, authentic and genuine as they come. They are a come-as-you-are-what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of family. Being around them is easy. There is no pretense. No pretending. They are full of life with their fair share of exhaustion. They are my kind of people. Sherri and Ken, thank you for inviting me to capture your family. It was an incredible pleasure to stand back and witness the beautiful chaos of your family.

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