The “H” Family

The early days when everything is new. Adjustments are happening. Hearts are bursting. When the experience of this new love can’t be contained in words. The heart pounding, soul-filling joy that arrives when you see a sisterhood begin to bloom. There are not words, I know. Still, as I walked away from Eric and Emily’s home, closing the door behind me, I remembered the sacredness of this time. The getting-to-know-you-finding-our-way-balancing-the-newest-arrival-and-big-sibling–the sweetness of these days, the coziness of them. These are treasured moments and one of my favorite to document.

After much anticipation, Eric and Emily welcomed sweet Jovie into their family and quickly learned what so many have learned before them–love doesn’t divide, it multiplies. Just days after Jovie’s arrival, I entered their world for a short time and witnessed the love that continues to bloom in this family. Such tenderness, such gratitude, such intention to help one another. As I stood back and took it all in, the connection in this family was undeniable–and I think it is evident in the images as well. Every little girl should be so lucky to be as adored as these two sweet girls.

Eric and Emily, thank you for allowing me to step into your home for a time. I wish you continued happiness as you rest in the love that overflows among you.

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