The “H” Family

It was during my college years when I first learned about the “H” Family.  They were simple stories shared, from time to time, by my friend and dorm neighbor, Sherri.  Sherri obviously adored her sister and I was over-joyed when I found out I would have the opportunity to capture the “H” Family during this shoot.

The “H” Family was exactly as I had anticipated–kind, easy-going, gentle and lively–all rolled into four people.  When I learned that it had been years since they last had their photographs taken (as in the ‘baby’ of the family was not yet one of them),  I couldn’t wait to get them in front of my camera.

Michelle and Brad, thank you for allowing me the privilege of capturing your family.  It was such a pleasure to meet each one of you and as I told you on the day of our shoot, you have two incredibly lovely young ladies.