The “G” Family

I met Katie in college.  She lived across from me during her Freshman year.  (I was a wee bit older than Katie).  Katie was a runner and sweet as sweet can be.  Once again, I am so thankful that social media has reconnected me to so many people.  When Katie invited me to spend an evening with her family, I didn’t have to think twice. . . I was in.

As strange as it seems, I still remember meeting Katie’s parents during our college years.  Just like Katie, they were kind and gentle and very unassuming.  I only met them briefly, but remembered them clearly.  People like Katie and her family?  They leave a mark.

Katie is married now and she has a most adorable little girl that shares her most awesome curls.  Katie has a large family.  A family full of personality.  It was a pleasure to spend an evening with this very fun family who made me laugh and kept the shoot interesting.  While I was photographing them I wished that you could hear what they were saying.  This was a hilarious crew and I’m not sure I’ve laughed so much during a shoot. 

To the “G” Family. . .  Thank you for a wonderful evening.  It was such a pleasure to spend time with you and to get a glimpse of the dynamic group you are. 

(There are a lot of pictures.  There were a lot of them.)