The “A” Family

I have officially begun my second year as “SummerK Photography”.  Having one year under my belt feels good.  As I glide into this new year, I anticipate many more experiences that will stretch me and help me to grow as I continue to wade through this photography journey. 

I am beyond excited for this ‘new year’.  (Because all Ohioans know that we celebrate Spring with equal more excitement and enthusiasm than the first day of January.)

I was thrilled when my dear friend and former dorm room neighbor, Sherri, invited me back to photograph her family this year.  I haven’t seen this family for almost an entire year and I was surprised to see the difference a year can make.  Tyler and Sherri’s ‘baby’ is no longer a baby and their ‘little boy’ has become a lively young man. 

What a treat to be invited into their world and to capture these moments with them. And the added bonus?  Cousins joined us for the shoot!  (Their images will be blogged later this week.)

Sherri and Tyler, thank you for the opportunity to spend time with you and Kayden and Avery.  I treasure each and every moment I spend with you.