The “D-S” Family


I am so grateful when my job allows me extra time to meet up with very good friends.  I have known Anna since our days of gathering on dorm room floors, munching on Twizzlers, and taking turns to answer what Anna coined a Circle Game Question.  In college, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of young women each of whom were strong in their own very unique way.  Anna was one of the “the girls” and I’m so thankful that years later, I still get to call her my Friend.

Anna married Tim (also from our beloved alma mater) and they are raising two fantastic boys with super sweet spirits and very distinct personalities.  Tim and Anna are a special pair who just seem to fit together.  Time with this family makes me forget about anything else.  With this family, it is only possible to be present, right here and right now.  There are equal parts laughter and fun as well as really good questions that show they care.  It was so fun to watch Anna and Tim spend time with their boys and see how the years have only strengthened their beautiful bond. I feel so very lucky to call this family friends.

Anna and Tim, thank you for once again allowing me to step into your lives and to witness the beautiful family you have formed.  I am so thankful to call you Friends.