The “C” Family

The minute new baby is placed into our arms, a shift happens. There’s nothing you can do to plan for it, it’s as natural as breathing. The heart stirs and and a piece of you, a piece that you never knew before, awakens to a new kind of love. A deep, selfless, unconditional love for a tiny human whom you’ve only just met. With baby number one, it is a surprise. The heart pounding, the emotional connection, the understanding that you would do anything for this life that has just fit perfectly into your arm. And then baby number two comes and you wonder–will it happen again? Can I love this deeply. . . again? Will my heart have room to spare for another? In a moment, you know. There is not a question. Yes, there is endless room in the heart. Baby number two teaches us that love really doesn’t divide, love multiplies. And so the heart grows with baby one, two, three, and on and on, I know. . . because there is always room for more.

I saw this clearly when I was invited into the home of a lovely and talented fellow photographer, Lindsay, of Lindsay Anne Photography. It is always nerve-wracking to photograph fellow photographers and I usually arrive with sweaty palms and shaky voice. However, Lindsay and her very talented husband of 9 Degree Designs (seriously, so much talent in this family) made me feel like I’d walked into the home of longtime friends. This family is full of love, laughter, and joy, it is impossible not to feel relaxed and like “one of them”. This family of four has adjusted to becoming a family of five with more ease than I’ve ever seen. In the midst of soccer practices, busy businesses, and all that being parents to three entails, Lindsay and Jason seem to do it all with equal parts grace and laughter. The family is very obviously a team–just as family should be.

Lindsay and Jason, congratulations on the arrival of beautiful Baby “B”. Thank you for allowing me to step into your lives and to capture the love and laughter that you all share. It was such a pleasure to meet you all. I wish you all the best as you continue on your incredible journeys.

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