The “B” Kids

When the “B” kids mom described her crew as a “happy, intense, active, hot-random-mess”, I suspected that I would love them. And I did. In fact, I could use those exact words to describe my own little humans. The time I spent with the “B” kids was much like spending time with my own family. A loving relationship between siblings where wrestling is the same as a hug and poking fun is much like an “I love you”. Family life at its best, at it’s most honest.

It’s no secret that I enjoy my job. In fact, Chad said to me recently, somewhat sarcastically, “you’re one of those people who need to have your soul filled by your job.” It’s true, I do. For me, it’s so much more than a picture. So much more than a transaction of business. Meeting people, seeing their happy and their honest and their “hot, random, messes” makes me believe in the world. It makes me believe in the good, in people. More than anything, meeting kids like the “B” kids gives me hope for the future.

“B” Family, thank you for allowing me to capture a few moments with your crew. Allison, Andrew and Marcus were as wonderful as I thought they would be.

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