The “B” Family

On my office wall, directly to my right, hangs a vibrantly colored 8×10 plaque.  The words on the plaque read this: 

She decided to start living the life she imagined.

The hanging arrived on my doorstep over a year ago at a time when I was seriously considering leaving the job that I was trained to do, for something that my heart longed to do.  The unexpected gift came from my friend, Kylee.  It was as if she was saying, without saying, do it–I believe in you.

Kylee and her husband Craig are the kind of people I wish for everyone to know.  They have been integral parts of my journey into photography–but more so my journey in life. 

It is difficult to express in this small space what this family means to me.  It’s impossible, really.  Despite the fact that we live in different countries, their impact is huge.  The truth is, I wouldn’t be where or who I am had I never met Kylee. 

Kylee is one of the strongest people I know–and I will venture to say one of the strongest people I will ever know. That strength?  Well, it’s equally matched by her authenticity.  And lets just say, that Kylee met her perfect match in Craig.

I was so honored when they invited me to photograph their entire family when they traveled to the US. The ‘big’ family will come later, but today is for Kylee, Craig and their two incredibly lovely daughters.  And the feathers in these images?  Let’s just say, Kylee, Craig, Lila and Vivi were not alone that day.

Kylee and Craig, thank you.  From the bottom of my heart thank you for being so encouraging, kind, and supportive through the journey of the last through years.