The “B” Family

It is impossible to put into the words how I feel about this family. This family who has been an integral part of my photography journey. A family who has been a part of my life journey.

I have known Kylee since our college years. I’m not sure how much she remembers of that first year, but I remember. I remember the spunky girl with the spiky hair in my communications class. The girl who seemed to have who feet planted firmly on the ground. Who knew what she believed and knew who she was. Those college years were but a seed of a friendship that would form later. A friendship that I believe, God knew, we both would need.

Through the years, Kylee has done life beside me. Her in Mexico, me in Ohio. Two women, across the miles, changing, growing, stretching, hurting, rejoicing. Two women who would lose their moms and find each other along the way.

What an incredible gift it is to know Kylee. To call her friend. And I am so thankful to know her family and love them as much as I love her. I am so much better because of this family. This group of people who love so well and live so fully. Kylee, Craig, Lila, and Vivi. . . I am so glad to know each of you. You each are gift to the world. A gift to me.




Outtakes of two friends.





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