The “B” Family

“Take a picture and you’ll have an excellent snapshot of what was.”

I underlined these words while reading a book by Rob Bell this year. The simple, yet profound words struck me with their truthfulness. Pictures are nothing more than that, are they? A snapshot of what was.

I have no delusions that what I do with my camera will change the world. I am not a doctor or a teacher or the person who holds a hurting hand alongside the bed in a hospice center. I’m not even a counselor anymore.

Still, I like that the moment I press the button, I am able to capture what ‘was’. And even more, I love that for a small moment in time, I get to capture what ‘was’ for others.

I’m grateful that the “B” family took a moment out of their very busy and hectic year to allow me to capture their family together. This togetherness, I believe, is what puts every other thing into perspective. Isn’t this what memories are? All memories? A flash of what ‘was’. I hope that these moments will alway take this family back to the crazy year of 2020 and remind them what a gift it was to be together.

“B” Family, thank you for the pleasure. I am so grateful to know you.

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