The “A” Family

I feel incredibly fortunate to have a job that puts me directly in front of some of my very favorite people time and time again. I mean, really, how many people get to call “work” hanging out with their friends and getting to know their families?

I met Sherri in college when I was certain life would never be more stressful than it was right then. (I was just precious.) Sherri and I were neighbors back then and I only wish we were neighbors now. Life happens, as it does, and as we ventured our separate ways after college, time and space separate. I am so thankful, though, that many years ago Sherri invited me to her home to photograph her family when they were wee little ones. That’s all it took–a friendship rekindled and a friendship formed between our two families.

Tyler and Sherri’s kids have grown so much since that first year in front of my camera. I have photographed them in three homes. I have seen their personalities develop. I have seen baby faces transform into near adult faces. I count it a blessing to take a few steps back and watch my friends parent–to watch my friends kids bloom over the years. When all is said and done, the people will always be the best part of this job.

Sherri and Tyler, thank you for stepping in front of my camera once again. Thank you for entrusting these moments to me. Thank you for being a part of our lives and allowing us to be a part of yours.

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