The “A” Family

There are so many things that I have loved about my venture into photography.  Capturing special moments and relationships, thinking creatively, always learning and challenging myself are just a few.   I could probably make a list about three miles long and near the top of that list would be the opportunity I have had to meet new people and connect with old friends. 

I believe it was mid-winter when I recived an email from a dear college friend inquiring about scheduling a shoot.  Sherri and I were neighbors during college and what we referred to as “one of the girls”.  She is one of those people who walked into my life at the exact right time and was the kind of friend who always slowed down to ask. . . how are you, really?  Sherri was one who taught me what it means to be an ‘I’ve got your back’ kind of friend and even though time and miles have separated us for too many years–the mark she made in my life remains.

I was thrilled to travel to see my old friend and her husband and meet her little ones for the very first time.  S and T, I enjoyed every second I spent with your beautiful family.  Thank you for making me feel so welcomed and relaxed in your home. 

Fun, easy, laid-back, silly, engaging, chill. . . just a few words that describe the A family. . .