The “A” Family

I was so excited to meet the “A” Family.  I had heard about this special family and their remarkable story from others, but could not wait to hear it first hand.  What an honor it was to listen to a piece of the journey this family has taken and especially to see their love in person.

Less than two years ago this was a family of five.  Summer and Terry were well into parenthood and were, what I termed, “in the homestretch” in regards to the rigors of parenthood.  However, as Summer told me, I always felt God had a little girl out there that needed me.  Her feeling was right.  This little girl was first born in Summer’s heart and in a whirlwind of circumstances, is now her special daughter, Olivia.  Summer explained to me that as soon as this little girl was placed in her arms at the hospital we knew, she was a part of our family.  

A part of the family, indeed.  This little girl is so obviously adored by her wonderful parents and her three adoring big brothers.  I’m certain this will be the most protected little girl in the world.  Terry and Summer, thank you for allowing me to spend an evening with your incredible family.  I was beyond honored.  Olivia is sweet as sweet can be and your boys are top notch gentlemen.  I enjoyed every second with you all–even the moment in the horse pen. . . (though that picture will remain in my possession.)

Fun.  Faithful.  Real.  Silly.  Energetic. Dedicated.  Passionate.  Caring.  Real.

Meet the “A” Family. . .