Thank You.

It was just a few years ago when SummerK began. At the time, I had no idea what was ahead. Even today, there is no road map to where this journey will take me and I’ve come to understand that I exist best when I simply trust the process.

But still, today, I am ever so grateful for the road that has brought me here. My heart overflows with gratitude for each and every person that this journey has allowed me to encounter. For the families and the couples. For the seniors and the parents. For the sweet smelling babies and the over-whelming joy of a couples Day One. All of this, each one of you, have impacted my life far more than you will ever know.

To each client who has entrusted Chad and I to capture your moments this year, Thank you. Thank you for allowing us to step into your lives and capture a small part of your ever-changing story. Thank you for sharing your joy, your moments, and your authentic love.

To each one of you, Thank you for becoming a part of my story. . .