Sofie, Senior Class 2018

She is quiet and kind. An introvert who needs a good balance of people and time alone. She treasures her friendships and her family–her people–the foundation of who she is, who she’s becoming. She plays volleyball and loves her car. She’s not exactly sure what is next on her journey, but she knows she values the days she’s living now. Isn’t that what senior year is all about? Finding a balancing between making plans and embracing the now? Navigating the sometimes scary waters of the unknown sea ahead. Senior year is filled with more questions than answers, but ultimately, as in any season of life, it is about being present. . . right here, right now.

Sofie does that well. She’s navigating those waters and enjoying the ride while she’s taking it. What a beautiful ride it is.

Congratulations on your senior year, Sofie.