Seth. Senior Class, 2020.

I first met Seth at his sister’s wedding last year. At that time, he was a person in a suit lined up next to the groom. A face among many. Knowing how much I enjoyed working with his family last year, though, I knew I would have fun with Seth.

How grateful I was to have had some time with Seth. Full of life and personality, he made “work” seem not like work at all. He educated me in the ways of golf while we fought through the bitterly cold wind that whipped through the course. The cold didn’t matter though, because Seth kept me laughing the entire time.

Seth, what a pleasure it was to work with you. What a joy it was to hear little snippets of your life and your goals. There is no doubt in my mind, your future is incredibly bright. May you soak in all the “lasts” of this senior year while looking forward to all the “firsts” that are to come.

Congratulations, Seth.

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