Sara, Senior Class, 2018

Every time I drive to meet a senior, I feel nervous. As a parent to little(r) people, I think coming face to face with ‘kids” who are so much older than my own is intimidating. Or, maybe perhaps, I’d rather be in denial that my kids are really not all that far from standing in front of the camera for their own senior pictures. Whatever the case, I have learned that there is no way to really anticipate what any senior session is going to look. Like anyone, each high school senior brings with them the culmination of their life experience, their hopes, their dreams, their goals, and the things that have made up their journey to date. Despite my nerves, I have grown to love meeting each one of these incredibly unique people. There is such an enjoyment in learning a little bit about who they are, their perspective on life, where they have been, and where they are going.

Like snowflakes, no two are alike.

Sara was, in a word, chill. She’s the kind of person you want to be around–the sort that makes you feel comfortable because she’s so comfortable. I met Sara on family property and we walked through the long grasses and flowing fields that are so familiar to her. She talked of the things she has enjoyed about this season, she spoke of her enjoyment of writing, of the places she hopes to go after high school, and, more than anything, she acknowledged the unknowns. Isn’t that what this time is all about? Exploring the unknowns? Welcoming the  questions. Wading into fears and coming out the other side. . . better? Stronger? Wiser.

Ah, yes. Wiser.

Sara, I have no doubt that you will pave that path with your own beautiful light. Congratulations on your senior year.