S & J Wedding

 I first met Seth and Julie last spring when I photographed their engagement session. 

Before I met them I heard this about them:  they are about as laid back and kind as people get.

Those words were true.  As soon as I met them, I loved them.

These two people were made for each other.  They have a love that radiates a light that anyone who is near them can feel.

Seth and Julie are loved.  Deeply loved.  Not only by each other, but by so many who have supported and encouraged their commitment to one another. 

It is a gift to know them.  It is an honor to witness their love.

Their wedding day began wet and rainy.  It was the first day of Autumn.  (Seth and Julie love Fall.)

It was dark and gloomy.  Chilly and cold.

But as the hands on the clock ticked closer to their special moment, the clouds parted and the sun showed herself in all of her glory. 

The loveliness of the afternoon matched the loveliness of this special couple. 


Seth and Julie, thank you for allowing me the huge honor to document your special day.

What you have is special and unique.  What you have is beautiful.  What you have is real.  Anyone who spends time with you knows that.

I wish you only goodness as you move forward from this day. I wish you love and commitment that will carry you through the good times and the hard. 

What a blessing you have found in each other and what a blessing it was to witness your beautiful day.