S & J Engagement

All the way back in February I received an email inquiring about scheduling an engagement shoot.  I was quick to say yes because really. . . is there anything more fun to capture that ‘love’?  We scheduled a shoot date and discussed details. I was pumped.

Then winter dragged on.  So we rescheduled.

It dragged on some more.  We rescheduled again.

Still, winter hung on even longer.  Again, we rescheduled. 

Finally, the weather broke and we did the shoot last week.

I had never met the couple and was mildly anxious to take the one hour drive to the shoot location with strangers.  However, I was immediately set at ease as we drove and I heard the love story of this very sweet and chill couple.  A story that included a surprise engagement featuring 1700 hand cut leaves.

Yep, they’re cool. 

(Not to mention they introduced me to a fabulous location.)

S and J, I enjoyed every moment I spent with you.  You have a way about you that is just ‘easy’ and you were so much fun to be around.  The love you share is undeniable and if I had to pick one word to describe you it would be this:  REAL.

A few more words?  Fun. Passionate. Thoughtful. Easy-going.

My favorite moment of the day?  It happened when I stepped away to change lenses.  When I looked up I saw the reality of who this couple is.  I caught them dancing. . .

I am so excited for you as you embark on this journey together.