Robert & Charisse Are Engaged

It’s the kind of love story you watch unfold sitting in a movie theatre. The kind of love story one might dream about, but reality often plays out differently. Not for Charisse and Robert, though. Their love story is one for the movies. Or the books–whichever you prefer.

Two people, living in different countries. A chance meeting and a growing friendship. Friendship blooms over time. Friendship blooms into love. Love, from a distance. Love through a pandemic. Love in daily phone calls across miles and miles. Sharing their lives day by day, phone call by phone call until one day they decide, ‘no more. . . let’s get married.’

This is the shortened version, of course. There are many details between, but in short, these two were meant to be. Finally, they are in the same country and seeing each other face to face. In just a few weeks, these two will say “I do” and begin their forever together. I couldn’t be more happy for them.

Robert and Charisse, we are thrilled to have met you. Thrilled to have heard your story. Thrilled to know there is love like yours in the world. Congratulations on your engagement!

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